Who We Are

We are an obsessive, passionate, creative group of people determined to help our clients reinvent the way they build their brands.

Realistic Studio brings together the award-winning branding, editorial, and marketing talents of CA Square creative agency and CeciBooks publishing consultancy.

Founded in 2002 and incubated at RazorFish, CA Square worked with leading brands to provide omnichannel branding, design, and animation services. Founded in 1988, CeciBooks developed content branding and marketing strategies for leading authors and experts, guiding their work into bestseller territory.

What We Do

Convinced that traditional branding and marketing tactics no longer fully connect with audiences, we bring our audiences into the creative process for content co-creation and collaboration.

Our approach is grounded in a solid strategy, and our comprehensive production capabilities enable us to deliver full identity systems as well as full brand and content development campaigns that span editorial, video, and photography across all formats.

Our Clients

Over the years,we have had a global and multicultural roster of clients spanning multiple industries, including broadcast, media and entertainment, publishing, interactive, and financial services.

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