Civil Survival (series)

By Amanda DuBois

Civil Survival teaches everyday legal concepts and the importance of learning to engage in the political process to effect policy change around pressing legal issues that impact both ordinary people and marginalized individuals on a daily basis — from “Right to Work” laws to driver’s license suspension laws.

Amanda DuBois is a practicing attorney who for more than 30 years has helped individuals navigate the often confusing legal system. Amanda believes that people will be able to more meaningfully engage in their communities if they understand how the legal system works.

  • Editorial Concept: Illustrated (Graphic Comix Style) Public Legal Education Book Series
  • Extensive Editorial Development Resulting in a 5-Book Curriculum
  • Identified key audiences: Welfare Caseworker Training, Prison Reform Advocacy, Workforce Education
  • Branding & Marketing strategy targeting these audiences
  • Content Strategy: Book Packaging, Website, Online Community Concept, Print Promotion