Runt Farm (series)

by Amanda Lorenzo

Illustrated by Mark Evan Walker

It is no small task to translate an author’s live storytelling into an early reader chapter-book trilogy for children. Throughout the series’ editorial development, we worked closely with the author, an experienced child educator and diversity trainer, to ensure the stories retained the irreverent voice that so readily appeals to today’s younger readers. We engaged an award-winning illustrator who could interpret her cast of characters and give 3D life to key scenes from a variety of adventures. Our branding and marketing strategy for the series, which centers around a band of misfits engaged in a unique experience of family, was designed to reach alternative families and the educators and organizations that support them. We built a content-rich publisher website with profiles of the Runt Farm characters, downloadable lesson plans and activities for parents and teachers, and a gallery of stories and drawings shared by young readers. We gathered a Runt Farm Family Advisory Board –– educators, compassionate activists, and literacy experts –– who would act as advocates of the book series, and featured them on the site. The trio of independently published chapter books received rave reviews from children’s writers and advocates, and from families. The series won a Gold Medal Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.

  • Illustrated Chapter Book, Extensive Editorial: Story/Character Development
  • Identified key audiences: Alternative Families, LGBT Families, Homeless Services
  • Branding & Marketing strategy targeting these audiences
  • Content Strategy: Book Packaging, Website, Media Coaching, School Visits, Print Promotion
  • High Profile Endorsements
  • Gold Medal: Children’s Chapter Book, Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards