Women Connected

by Pam Bartlett

A Session-by-Session Coaching Guide for Women’s Groups

The author, an expert educator, sought to independently publish her system for leading women’s groups. The group session designs were detailed and organized; however, the book manuscript lacked warmth. We worked with Ms. Bartlett to bring in stories of women who had inspired and helped to refine this unique system of group self-discovery. The resulting book embodies the heartfelt experience of its title: women connected. To launch the book’s success, we developed a branding and marketing package that included high-end book packaging and an ancillary product design.

  • Big, Beautiful Workbook Concept, Extensive Editorial Development
  • Identified key audiences: Women in Leadership, Mind/Body/Spirit, Spa/Retreats
  • Branding & Marketing Campaign: Book Packaging, Website, Publisher Logo, Journal, Product Designs, Print Promo
  • High profile Endorsements