Lotus and the Golden Pearl

By Libby Pink

A Young Girl’s Peace Odyssey

The author’s fantasy story was intended to reach children, parents, and educators with a powerful spiritual message about anti-bullying and the cause of peace. Our challenge was to find the dreamlike story’s focus and give life to its transforming message in such a way that readers would remember and be guided by its wisdom. We worked with the author’s manuscript, with its resourceful female protagonist and island forest full of characters, to more closely focus the action on the central character and her personal journey of discovery. Once the story had jelled, we engaged a muralist famous for her delicate, energetic interpretations of birds and animals, and closely art-directed her cover and interior illustrations according to a well-planned storyboard. Our branding and marketing strategy resulted in the independent publication of a beautifully illustrated chapter book that is an invaluable aid to parents and teachers in discussions about bullying and teasing, conflict resolution, and the meaning of peacemaking.

  • Illustrated Chapter Book Editorial: Extensive Story Development & Art Direction
  • Identified key audiences: Teachers (Anti-bullying), Parents (Peacemaking), Spiritual Educators (Meditation)
  • Branding & Marketing strategy targeting these audiences
  • Editorial Development: Kids’ Activities and Teacher Resources
  • Content Strategy: Book Packaging, Website, Print Promotion