The Case of the Blood Red Stars

by Mark Evan Walker

A Kelly Riggs Mystery

Our challenge was to launch an illustrated chapter book series blending mysterious tidbits of London history with magical steampunk technology, all with a respectful nod to Sherlock Holmes. The author, an experienced editorial illustrator in the mystery genre, wanted to launch the series with a story that would entertain young readers and increase their vocabularies while they learned about the City of London. We guided the manuscript’s development for a blend of young and older audiences, and art-directed the author/illustrator’s rough sketches to play up the story’s magical steampunk elements and moments of high adventure. Our branding and marketing strategy, including an author website and editorial development of an author blog, offered up articles aimed at three niche groups of avid readers: fans of the mystery genre and classic films, and fans of retro/steampunk illustrated fiction. The book poster won an art contest and was exhibited in the London Underground.

  • Illustrated Chapter Book Editorial: Story Development & Art Direction
  • Identified key audiences: Mystery Book Clubs/Groups, YA Fiction: Mystery, Vintage Movie/Film Lovers
  • Branding & Marketing strategy targeting these audiences
  • Content Strategy: Book Packaging, Website, Blog Articles, Print Promotion
  • High Profile Endorsements
  • Book Art Poster Featured in London Underground Poster Exhibit