Walking the Path with Neela

Written by Ceci Miller and illustrated by Obadinah Heavner

Written and developed for the SYDA Foundation, this picture book is an abecedarium of meditation and chanting as practiced in Siddha Yoga ashrams. We developed a brand strategy for the book that centered around a blue lion cub named Neela who participates with his parents at a local meditation center and visits an ashram, teaching as he goes. We worked with the in-house editorial team first to fine-tune the picture book manuscript, and then to art-direct the illustrations by well-known artist Obadinah Heavner, who visually developed the main character and produced 48 pages of full color paintings. Our editorial development ensured that the book included a child-friendly glossary at the back of the book, for special terms including Sanskrit words.

  • Writing: Author of Record; Book Jacket Copy
  • Children’s Picture Book Concept, Art Direction and Editorial Development
  • Identified key audiences: Siddha Yoga centers, Yoga/Meditation: Children
  • Branding & Marketing strategy targeting these audiences
  • Content Strategy: Book Packaging, Product Bundle (Book + Toy), Print Promotion
  • Published by SYDA Foundation